Birdwatching Logbooks from artist Jennifer Moore

These lovely high-quality birdwatching logbooks would be an ideal gift for a young birdwatcher.

In these digital days it is always reassuring to come across someone attempting to convey their love of nature in the “old” traditional ways, using pen and paper. Or in the case of Jennifer Moore from Sussex, UK, gouache and oils, alongside lino and woodcuts.

Jennifer has developed an attractive and functional range of Birdwatching Logbooks using her gouache illustrations alongside some identification texts. They would be particularly ideal for beginning birdwatchers or children to help spot the birds of interest in your area.

There are six in the Habitat series:

  • Town & Country Garden Birds
  • Urban Garden & Parkland Birds
  • Coast & Clifftop Birds
  • Pond & River Birds
  • Forest & Farmland Birds
  • Hill & Heathland Birds

and the new “Birds of…” series focusing on the birds of specific areas of the UK (mainly the south coast):

  • Birds of Rye Harbour
  • Birds of the Isle of Wight
  • Birds of the North West Highlands
  • Birds of Westminster
  • Birds of Arundel
  • Birds of the South Downs
  • Birds of the Seven Sisters

The books are a 9 x 14cm pocketbooks with a sturdy cover to protect the book when you’re out and about. Each page has a little table where you can jot down the date as well as the location, weather, or other aide memoire to help you build up a bank of information about the birds you see. There are also a couple of blank pages at the back for notes and sketches, and a quick tick-list to record your progress.

I think these beautifully illustrated and printed logbooks would make a great gift for someone in the UK or north-west Europe. More information on the books and how to order them at Jennifer’s website.


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