Nature Photo Challenge #2: Eyes

Eyes in Nature could incorporate “more than meets the eye.”

The most obvious are actual eyes. Here are a few examples:

Nature Photo Challenge 2 Eyes
A young toad’s eyes
The compound eye of a hoverfly
Or how about this beauty?

There are many eyes in nature that are not really eyes at all but are intended to look like eyes. The insect world in particular is full of these imitation eyes. I’ll just give one example:

Nature Photo Challenge 2 Eyes
The familiar eyes of the peacock, to scare off potential predators

And then there are eyes which are not eyes, nor are they intended to look like eyes: but they do!

Nature Photo Challenge 2 Eyes
Eyes on stalks?

I look forward to seeing your photos of Eyes in Nature. You can read the simple instructions here. Drop a link in the comments below to your own post. (If you forget, tagging your post Naturephotochallenge will also help me find your post).


    • Thanks Martin, another stunning portfolio of African wildlife. Love the British birds too. Interesting that you included a Goldeneye, which from a distance looks as if it has an extremely big eye!


  1. Wonderful set. Some toads freeze when you come close. I guess you found one of those. Lovely photo, that one. Equally my favourite is the very confusing cow-horse eye. Fantastic shot. But the winner by a nose is the monster plant with many eyes. Good one.

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