Your photos of Patterns in Nature

A round-up of submissions to Nature Photo Challenge #1: Patterns

When I launched the Nature Photo Challenge I thought that perhaps two or three bloggers would respond. I didn’t realize it would create such interest! So far 19 of you took the time to submit your photos of Patterns in Nature:

  • Martin took us around the world (I love that zebra!)
  • Carol introduced us to erosion patterns in Porcupine Gorge, Australia
  • Georgina showed us floral patterns from the Sierra Aracena, Spain
  • Then it was over to Sweden for Maria‘s exquisite flower and insect photos
  • What are the birds dining on in Brian‘s garden? It’s quite a surprise!
  • On Vancouver Island, Audrey showed us some fascinating rock patterns
  • Margaret showcased bird patterns (the humble mallard was my favourite)
  • A second blogger from Vancouver Island! This is Ann with her floral patterns
  • The delicate patterns of trees and their bark was highlighted by Kathleen
  • Becky brought Spring to life with her catkin patterns
  • Over in South Africa, Aletta displayed some of her local nature (super: another zebra!)
  • I could marvel at Pat’s butterfly patterns all day!
  • More stunning Spring floral patterns from Jude in Cornwall, UK
  • Judy‘s portfolio included the most highly patterned caterpillars on the planet!
  • Susan shared an incredible inter-woven pattern of the Telopea flower (amongst others)
  • Robert displayed the symmetry to be found in leaves
  • Dawn focused closely on the intricate and varied patterns of the sunflower
  • Who can’t love the Monarch butterfly? Suzanne showed us their wonderful patterns in close-up.
  • Deb showed a variety of patterns, both natural and pointing to the natural!
  • Woolly from Australia gave us close-ups of that famous Australian patterned animal: the Zebra!

Thanks to all of you have contributed. If I have missed anyone – sorry, drop me a comment below.

Meanwhile, Nature Photo Challenge #2: Eyes is now open. I am looking forward with open eyes to your photos!

Knit one, pearl one. Knit one, pearl one. The knitted pattern of Telopea ‘Shady Lady Crimson’ photographed by Susan Rushston


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