Why are lynx being hunted in Sweden?

Over 200 lynx are due to be hunted in Sweden, solely for the thrill of the kill.

Sweden’s authorities have issued licenses to hunters to kill 201 lynx during the month of March. This is the animal that conservationists warn could seriously decline in numbers in Europe in the coming years, unless immediate efforts are made to protect them.

The estimated number of lynx in Sweden is 1,450, which is about 300 fewer than ten years ago. Killing 201 of these is cutting the population by nearly 14%, which is a significant reduction in numbers.

Wildlife conservationists and activists say that this planned cull is out of all proportion to any danger to livestock or people. They are calling on the EU to take action against Sweden for breaching environmental law.

So why are lynx being culled?

One word: Money

Scores of foreign hunters pay sizeable fees to hunt lynx in Sweden because they think it is exciting. In other words, it’s a trophy hunt, just like going to Africa to hunt lions.

Even the Swedish hunters’ association (Svenska Jägareförbundet), admits that lynx do not pose a danger to humans and that the lynx hunt is more about the excitement, and for some hunters, the skin.

This lynx hunt comes after Sweden had the biggest wolf cull of modern times, when 54 wolves were killed.

Come on Sweden, come on EU, stop this hunt while you can.

I have signed this online petition to stop lynx hunting in Sweden. Will you sign it too?

Images by Domenic Hoffmann and Artur Pawlak from Pixabay


  1. Can’t believe this sort of thing happens in this day and age. Petition signed. Thanks for bringing it to my attention with your excellent article Denzil.
    Particularly poignant for me having seen an Iberian Lynx in January. Brought me so much joy. Wonderful conservation work taking place in Spain.

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  2. No, there may not be any risk for humans, but they kill livestock. They took several of my neighbors sheep and in the north of Sweden they kill reindeer making it even more hard for the Saami to live in accordance with their traditions.

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    • It is unfortunate if a lynx takes an occasional sheep or reindeer, although it would have to be a small, young or sick reindeer as the lynx’s favourite prey is the much smaller roe deer. But here we are talking about killing for fun, not culling a predator because it’s numbers have become too high it is causing unnecessary damage.


  3. Hi,
    I’m studying the Lynx for my school work project, here in Norway there was an article about hunting Lynx in 2022 but has since been removed and there is no information on weather it is still the case this year.
    I will repost if I find any more information.
    Web1 Feb 2022 · Lynx hunting season in Norway starts on February 1. A total of 74 lynxes in six of the eight predator regions can be hunted. “The lynx population in Norway is today very close to the population target nationally. Quota hunting for 74 lynxes in six of eight …

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