Early Spring flowers: The Colt’s Foot

The Colt’s Foot is one of my favourite flowers as it’s generally the first wild flower I see each Spring.

The bright yellow, daisy-like composite flower heads (made up of lots of tiny flowers) of the Colt’s Foot (Tussilago farfara) appear as early as February. Generally late February/early March is the time to spot them, although they will continue to flower into April.

You can find Colt’s Foot sprouting up on roadside verges, in hedgerows, and waste land.

Colt's Foot
Colt’s Foot photographed locally on a roadside verge.

Two points of interest about the Colt’s Foot:

  • They get their name from their hoof-shaped leaves
  • The flowers appear well before the leaves. This has led to one of its old country names: “Son-before-father”.
The leaf of the Colt’s Foot
Tussilago farfara
The flowers appear, with no sign of a leaf anywhere!

Posted as my submission to Cee’s Flower of the Day Challenge.


  1. They do look like dandelions, but it’s too early for much of anything here. But VERY soon we should see at least the violets and dandelions, if not the crocus (which may not have survived the drought last year). I sure hope so. I would like to see some color and yellow is FINE.

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      • Thank you for coming to look! I know people look, but since they don’t comment, I have NO idea who they are. I’m always grateful for a bit of feedback.

        Our crocus are UP! They aren’t IN the garden anymore. They have moved themselves to the ground in front of the garden retaining wall. I have no idea how they got there since they are rhizomes and don’t usually spread via seed, but we have (count’em) 11 dark purple crocuses. They decided to move and they did. But … how?

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