Nature Photo Challenge #3: Pink

I don’t know what the weather is like where you are, but here in Belgium it’s bleak. Heavily overcast. No sign of the sun. Rainy. Cold: zero Centigrade again. And this morning – snow! Turning on the news isn’t going to cheer us up either.

So I – and maybe you too – need a lift. And what better way to give ourselves a lift than the colour pink!

Pink is the colour of love, warmth, and tenderness. The colour that stirs empathy and sensitivity, that represents compassion, nurturing, and love. The colour that gives a sign of hope, that inspires warmth, soothes emotions, and relieves feelings of anger and aggression.

Indeed, exposure to large amounts of pink has been found to have a calming effect on the nerves!

So let’s paint the Internet pink! Go in search of your pinkest of pink photographs. Flowers are the obvious choice, but who’s got some pink bird photos, pink insects, even pink animals (panther?)

Looking forward to seeing your pink nature photos! I’m feeling more positive already!

Below are a few of my own – and here are the instructions to take part.

A Dahlia
Fittonia, the nerve plant
Anyone know what this is?
Allium hollandicum, or the giant ornamental onion
From the heather family comes Kalmia latifolia Pink Frost
Euphorbia milii (Crown of thorns)


    • A veritable Pink Fest Martin! Pink certainly seems to be your favourite colour for garden plants. Love the flamingoes and the pink sunset with the swan. Thanks for contributing.


  1. Love the cheerful pink. Kind of reminds of the color of the long sleeved t-shirt that I am wearing since our temps for the next week will dip from above average to below average. I only hope it slows the tree pollination which is making me cough great globs….

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  2. Wow! A whole lot of pink there and all are fabulous photos! I’ll see if I can find some pink in my photos to join in. And it is pretty gloomy here too although I do see bits and pieces of blue sky and we’re right at Zero C as well and won’t get much higher. We did get to see the sun yesterday but it looks like it’s going to hide for the next week…..again.

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      • Yep, Minnesota. Some day I will get to escape these cold winters. Fingers crossed for summer 2024! I did find some pink and I’m putting it together. I shall return with a link. Thanks!

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  3. Those are the puffiest — and pinkest — allium I’ve seen. I tried to grow it, but the skunks dug up the roots and ate them. Actually they ate any plant, roots and all, they could physically reach.

    When I was in the book selling business, we printed sale brochures on pink paper. It sold twice as many books as blue or white. Maybe we should make wedding gowns in pink too?

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    • Regrettably the Allium are not in my garden but a local arboretum Marilyn. Yes, strange that pink doesn’t appear more in weddings, or perhaps they do and they are not the weddings I am invited to!


      • No, white in the west, black in the middle east, and red in many Asian countries. No pink. Pity about that.

        Allium grow, but EVERYTHING likes eating it. If not the skunks, then the deer. Sometimes, it’s good to know when you’re beat.

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