Your photos of Eyes in Nature

A short round-up of Nature Photo Challenge #2: Eyes

Thank you to everyone who contributed photos to this theme, which drew attention from 18 bloggers all around the world. Here’s a short overview:

  • Terri kicked us off with an eyeful of her garden birds in Eastern Washington State
  • Brian displayed a wide range of eyes from Australian fauna, and even managed to find a few fungi with eyes!
  • Off to Africa again, where Martin was keeping an eye on some mean-looking predators – or was it the other way around?
  • Still in Africa, and more elephant’s eyes – and why not? – from Geriatri”X”
  • Maria got us looking at a range of eyes from snakes to grasshoppers
  • Another welcome blogger from Australia is Ali who showed a range of eye sizes from small lizard’s eye to a big ostrich eye
  • ToonSarah gave us a global tour of eyes of various animals, all of whom were keeping a close eye on the photographer!
  • Dawn showed her lateral thinking skills by submitting a flower with an eye! The Blue-Eyed Daisy!
  • Another original approach was from Kathleen with her observations of man-made animal eyes, and eyes perceived in trees!
  • A treat from Georgina: not only a wide variety of photos of eyes, but also a poem about eyes too.
  • Deb posted some expressive eyes from horses and goats
  • From the north of England, Margaret posted pics of butterflies, deer, and elephants (not roaming the Pennines hopefully!)
  • The eyes of waxwings, red squirrels and swans in Sweden were captured by Maria.
  • Winning the competition for the most eyes in the smallest creature is Philo with his jumping spider’s four pairs of eyes (below)!
  • Aletta introduced us to the beady eyes of a couple of South African birds
  • Back in Cornwall, Jude‘s photo showed real eyes and fake eyes all on one insect
  • How lovely to see the same swallows in India that we see in Belgium! Thanks I.J.!
  • Are you a fan of The Jungle Book? Robert has snapped the eyes of the snake Kaa.
Philo‘s many-eyed Jumping Spider

In the meantime, have you participated yet in Nature Photo Challenge #3: Pink?


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