The hedgehog has woken up!

It’s always great to see signs in the garden that the local hedgehog has come out of its winter hibernation. I put out the night-cam and captured this image.

Welcome back!

Through the Spring I’ll write more about our local hedgehogs, and how I am trying to encourage them to make a home in my hedgehog box. I’ll also be reviewing the night-cam I use which is an excellent way to observe the nocturnal visitors to a garden, such as this:

A Beech Marten pays us a visit


  1. I’ve only seen one live hedgehog in the last two years, and he had to be taken to a hedgehog sanctuary as he was so underweight. A couple of dead ones – roadkill – and that’s all. They were once common here. I keep trying to put our night cam in likely places, but no joy. It’s not hedgehog time here though yet, so we’ll see.

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    • It’s so distressing to see them dead on the roads isn’t it. Mine are clinging on, as I live in the centre of a small town and we are surrounded by roads and the associated perils.

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  2. I never see hedgehogs around here these days although they used be reasonably common 😢 Once years ago we had four tiny ones move into our garden for a few days. We assumed their mother must have been killed by a car. We read up on how to feed them, bought cat food and after a few days with us they moved on.

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