Your Pink photos

Well you certainly painted the Internet pink! No fewer than 24 of you contributed to this challenge. Your photos certainly brought much cheer and optimism amid the darkness of winter! Below is a short round-up of your pretty pink pictures that you submitted for Nature Photo Challenge #3:

  • First off the mark was Brian with two gorgeous pink birds and a cute pink mushroom.
  • Martin delivered a real Pink Fest with beautiful pictures of pink flowers in his garden, the beauty of Cornwall, and our first flamingoes.
  • Terri shared just one picture, but one was all that was needed, as this maple leaf was the deepest and richest of pinks!
  • Over to Colombia with Sarah for the pinkest hibiscus and bougainvillea.
  • Dawn highlighted some gorgeous pink sunsets as well as her local pink flowers, including our first pink rose.
  • Geriatri”X” highlighted pink flowers such as foxgloves.
  • If you want to see azaleas in every shade of pink possible, check out Robert
  • Toby certainly brought some cheery smiles with her coneflowers, orchids, hibiscus, cosmos and others from Minnesota.
  • In Sweden, Maria showcased a gorgeous gallery of pretty in pink pictures!
  • For the pinkest of skies, and some beautiful pink flowers, head over to Marilyn’s blog
  • From India, Philo came to the challenge from a different angle: a quote from Olivia Newton-John and half an onion! Yet both very pink-centered: literally! Intrigued? Here’s where you need to go.
  • Hammad Rais found a delightfully pink Euphorbia.
  • Susan selected her pinkest of pink Pinks and Delphiniums amongst a veritable bouquet…
  • … while over in California, Paula gave us a stunning pink sunset.
  • Taking some time off writing books, Audrey showed us what’s in her garden, including some pink foliage and an interesting red rose bleached pink by the sun.
  • Pink sunsets were taken to another level by Aletta, who also shared some beautiful pink flowers and a pink succulent, as well as some flamingoes.
  • Judy also came up with a splendid selection of pinks, including the intriguing pink fin of a needlefish!
  • You can never have enough pink roses can you? Thanks I.J.!
  • More flamingoes from Margaret, as well as some stunning rhododendrons, clematis and azaleas.
  • Ever noticed alder catkins? They are easy to pass by. XingfuMama focused close on them to show that they contain many small pink flowers.
  • Rebecca also gave us a wonderful bouquet, with my favourite being her “peony with three ants”.
  • Kathleen Jennette also took us into her garden in the US, with a display of pink from tiny camelia buds to fading rose petals.
  • Down in Cornwall, Jude went on a “pink wander” through her garden and came up trumps.
  • Also showing some resplendently pink flowers, including carnations, is Deb.

Thanks to you all for sharing your pink pics.

How are you getting on with Nature Photo Challenge #4: Ducks?

Pink Nature Photo Challenge by Aletta
Aletta’s Sunset over the Atlantic Ocean at Now at Home


  1. The Pink challenge was fun! But I’m afraid I haven’t many duck photos. I take more photos of great blue herons and egrets and I learned of another heron last summer: the green heron. I can think of only one duck photo but I’m not sure I can find it. So…..I think I will wait for next week’s challenge. Thanks for linking everyone’s posts because I think I missed a few. Time to go perusing.

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  2. It’s great to see this summary of your challenge Denzil. Thank you for the challenge and the chance to see everyone’s splendid efforts.

    Liked by 1 person

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