Nature Photo Challenge #5: Signs of Spring

As we enter the season of Spring (in the northern hemisphere), let’s celebrate by sharing our photos of Signs of Spring.

What are the signs of Spring where you live? Perhaps trees budding, flowers blooming, frogs laying frogspawn, bees and butterflies on the wing? I look forward to seeing your photos. More guidelines here.

Below are a few Signs of Spring that I came across in the last few days here in Belgium:

Crocuses in the lawn
A sprouting Peony
Signs of spring
Beech buds
Nature photo challenge no. 5
Willow catkins
Wood Anemones in local woodland
Wood anemones
A carpet of Wood Anemones
Daffodil Nature Photo Challenge 5
Daffodil, also in the garden

A few thoughts on Spring

I view the equinoxes (in March and September) with wonder. They are brief moments of total balance. The equinoxes mark the only two points in the year when the equator is the closest part of Earth to the sun, with both the northern and southern hemispheres sharing sunlight equally.

This year the vernal or spring equinox took place at exactly 10:24 p.m. (Central European Time) on Monday March 20. It’s a date and time that the planet has been slowly heading towards – and then suddenly it’s there, and the balance begins to tip the other way: more daylight hours in the northern hemisphere; less in the southern.

These tipping points appear in all walks of life:

  • A human pregnancy lasts nine long months, and then suddenly the amniotic sac breaks, and birth is imminent.
  • A fever can last for days – we wonder if it will ever end – and then it breaks, and we almost immediately begin to feel better.
  • A government can struggle on for months, losing trust and votes, and then something happens such as a minister resigns, and the government swiftly collapses.

There’s no way that this natural principle – exemplified so clearly by the two equinoxes – is going to be any different when it comes to the state of the planet.

Scientists have been warning governments for over 30 years of the existential dangers of rising greenhouse gases. They recently delivered a “final warning” on the climate crisis. They fear the tipping point will soon be realized, after which it becomes impossible to limit the temperature change of the planet.

When will we reach this tipping point?

Or will the tipping point be when governments and organizations finally realize the urgency of taking the more ambitious, swift and drastic action needed to avert such tragedy?

Let’s hope it’s the latter and not the former.


  1. I love those willow catkins and all your signs of spring. I’ll probably skip this challenge however as I’m saving what few signs I’ve been able to photograph during our mostly miserable March weather for my regular end-of-month round-up!

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  2. I wouldn’t hold your breath for any positive tipping points any time soon, as far as governments are concerned. I place more faith in NGOs and charitable organisations. Meanwhile, I’ll schedule a response to your challenge to appear while I’m enjoying spring as it looks in southern Europe,.

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  3. Only my new crocuses are still flowering, the older ones finished a week or so back, but gave me great pleasure during February. I shall link my Saturday post to this as it is all about the spring flowers in my garden.


  4. Beautiful signs of spring from Belgium!! The colour of the crocuses is lovely.
    I never found any ducks for last week’s theme, but I will certainly be able to deliver some signs of spring from Cyprus.

    “When will we reach this tipping point?” …no, I think I stick to commenting on your pictures which doesn’t mean I don’t care, I’m pretty scared as it is.

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  5. hello, glad to have stumbled on your site. these are beautiful photos. there is something truly special about the occasions of the equinoxes; i have learned to really treasure it as nature’s sense of timing is so profound in ways I can’t articulate.

    if you don’t mind, I will participate in this photo challenge by looking for some recent shots I’ve taken. I blog daily and sometimes it can be tricky to have something written before the day ends. the post I make tonight will feature the photo and I’ll make sure to tag you on it!

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  6. Lovely photos. Reminds me of some of the biggest differences between temperate and tropical regions of the world. We’ve had gardens flowering all winter. There is a burst of flowering around now, but not too noticeable. The next burst will be in the monsoon. The biggest sign of spring I think is that winter birds begin to disappear. Like this one:

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    • I am quite envious of how advanced Spring is in Cyprus Anita. It must be a delight to be enjoying these flowers and butterflies already in March. Thanks for taking part.


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