Your photos of Ducks

A round-up of nature photo challenge #4: Ducks

It was great to see so many ducks from all over the world. To date, 18 of you submitted duck photos. I hope I haven’t missed anyone from the list:

  • Geriatri”X” got us off the mark with a row of sitting ducks.
  • Brian showed us that Australian Wood Ducklings (below) are just as cute as ducklings anywhere in the world!
  • If you listen carefully, I reckon you can hear Judy‘s ducks quacking!
  • If you want to know what South African ducks look like, head over to Aletta‘s!
  • In the UK, Margaret introduced us to Astley Park (and its ducks).
  • XingfuMama showed us the ducks of Puget Sound, including American Wigeon and Goldeneye.
  • Good to know that Mallards are present in North Carolina too, as snapped by Deb.
  • Wondering what ducks live in India? Check out I.J.’s post!
  • From A Day in the Life we were introduced to Green-winged Teal, Shoveler, Hooded Merganser, and some videos of a friendly American Pekin duck!
  • More Mallards from Rebecca including nine on a log.
  • Dawn managed to capture ducks in flight successfully! And yes Dawn, duck butts are funny!
  • A splendid Goldeneye in Calgary was captured by Travelling Nan.
  • Some cute ducklings from Margaret on her village ponds, along with information on the importance of ducks in the food chain.
  • If you’ve ever seen a Wood Duck you’ll know how pretty they are. If not, head over to Cee‘s.
  • Pensitivity101 was lucky enough to get a family of ducklings on her front lawn.
  • “Let sleeping ducks lie!” Isn’t that the saying? It should be, as Woolly found out.
  • Do ducks play golf? Maybe not, but they sure love a verdant golf course, as Kathleen Jennette discovered.
  • Over in Sweden, Maria found some shadowy Mallards. Or was she playing around with special effects?
Naturephotochallenge Nature Photo Challenge of Wood Ducks
From Australia we had Mother Wood Duck and her ducklings, by Bushboy

How are you getting on with Nature Photo Challenge #5: Signs of Spring?


  1. There’s a duck (in Virginia) I started seeing recently. I believe it’s the Common Goldeneye. I’ve been trying to snap a photo of it for two weeks, but every time I get a good focus, he dips underwater and hangs out there for almost a minute 🙂 I’d never seen them where I live until earlier this year.


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