Your Signs of Spring

There are clearly lots of Signs of Spring throughout the northern hemisphere – and some memories of six months ago in the southern hemisphere!

So far, 17 people from various continents submitted Signs of Spring photos:

  • First off the blocks was Rebecca with her playful portents of Spring in Wisconsin.
  • Close behind was Dawn with her Flowering Quince.
  • Yellow is clearly a special colour for Geriatri”X”
  • Cee showed us some of her spring signs in her garden – and her dog (to go with the theme it should really be a Springer Spaniel Cee!).
  • Maria gave us some lovely photos of her local birds collecting nesting material and looking for avian real estate.
  • Blooming blossom was the focus of a post by 031ll1879.
  • An interesting post from I.J. in India: he says goodbye to wintering birds such as the Gadwall, which may then appear in the Spring in Europe.
  • Over to Alberta, and Nan showed us the melting ice and communicated the anticipation of new growth.
  • Kathleen Jennette led us through her garden to see the blossoms of the Plum tree, the emerging bulbs, and a beautiful Jasmine arch that I would be happy to sit under.
  • Jude should charge an entry fee for people wanting to admire her beautiful garden. Thankfully for us we can creep in for free!
  • It’s autumn in South Africa, but Aletta showed us the carpet of spring flowers in the West Coast National Park.
  • From Sweden, Maria showed us that liminal point between Winter and Spring: snow on a new Winter Aconite flower.
  • Spring has really sprung in Cyprus, and Anita was on hand with her camera to show us some local flowers, blossom (below) and butterflies.
  • Terri gave us multiple peeks into her local nature.
  • Philo introduced us to a poem about flowers and bees (and an accompanying photo too).
  • From the north of England, a gorgeous bouquet of wild flowers at their yellowest, thanks to Margaret.
  • Even further north, Clem shared his roadside daffodils, and a poem to accompany them.

Thanks to everyone for participating. By the way, how are you getting on with Nature Photo Challenge #6: Sharp!

Cherry Blossom on Cyprus #naturephotochallenge
Cherry Blossom in Cyprus by Anita


  1. It’s very kind of you to list everyone who participated in your challenge. It’s much appreciated and also makes it easier for the rest of us to visit each other.
    I feel honored that you wanted to include my picture, thank you so much Denzil!!!
    Regarding this week’s Sharp theme, I still have it in mind every morning when I walk my dogs.

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  2. That is beautiful….catching up with Terri’s Sunday stills posts from last week…going through the comments since she can’t share everyones links. Our flowering cherries are just now starting to bloom here in Washington state.

    Liked by 1 person

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