Your Sharp! photos

A round-up of Nature Photo Challenge #6: Sharp!

There are plenty of sharp-eyed photographers in the WordPress community: 18 of you submitted one or more photos:

  • Brian got us up and running with a Goanna and its sharp claws, sharp teeth, sharp tongue …
  • Geriatri “X” set the bar high with some exceedingly sharp Acacia thorns …
  • … although I think Aletta‘s Fever Tree might have even sharper thorns!
  • I.J. introduced us to the sharp antlers of the Black Buck in Rajasthan.
  • Judy gave us our first cactus, as well as a variety of sharp features from other plants and animals.
  • Down Middleton Road we meet a bug smoothly navigating between sharp bramble thorns.
  • Dawn introduced us to the sharp teeth of Walter – not the neighbour but a puppy.
  • For a whole panoply of pointy stuff, check out Sarah for her images of crocs, cacti, deer, iguanas and plants.
  • Cee also focused on plants, to remind us of some of the many plants that use spines as a defensive mechanism.
  • A wonderful cactus close-up from Sofia. Aren’t cacti just the most amazing plants with all those spines?
  • Do you know the difference between a plant’s thorns, spines and prickles? No? Neither did I, which is why Philo‘s post is so useful.
  • Rebecca showed a variety of sharp photos, including a Lobster Claw Flower and a hungry pumpkin with very sharp teeth.
  • Archer was happy to play around with a new lens, and it worked well to capture sharp flower buds and contrast them with softer flowers already opened.
  • My hedgehog photo was perfectly complemented by an Echidna from Tasmania. Thanks Karen!
  • Visiting Spain was perfect timing for Margaret to contribute cacti photos, plus a different kind of Sharp!: a lemon tree!
  • Kathleen Jennette showcased some of her pictures using a lens that blurs the edges of photos while keeping the center sharp to end up with very soft and romantic images.
  • Have you ever visited Yellowstone? I enjoyed my mini-trip thanks to Donna and seeing probably the biggest, sharpest set of antlers possible.
  • Anita has been out and about capturing cacti, Bird of Paradise flowers and a hungry looking saltwater crocodile.
A round-up of Nature Photo Challenge No.6: Sharp!
Ball Cactus by Sofia who blogs at Photographias

Thanks to everyone who made this challenge so interesting and fun. How are you getting on with Nature Photo Challenge #7: Tulips and Magnolia?


  1. Thanks for this Denzil, well done and to the delight of those of us who took part in last week’s challenge!!

    I can’t find any Tulips here in Cyprus unless I buy some imported from a garden centre. So I’m looking forward to next week’s theme instead.

    Liked by 1 person

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