Busy bee hotels

The mason bees are extremely busy in my bee hotels!

Mason bees
Bee hotel in use
“Hello Neighbour!”
Busy bee hotel
Just tidy up the front porch a bit.
Mason bees
It’s such dirty work.
European orchard bees
These are European Orchard Bees, also called Horned Mason Bees (Osmia cornuta).
Nesting wild bees
This one is busy sealing up its nesting hole.
Busy bee hotel
A completely sealed nesting hole.
Horned mason bee
“They shall not pass!”


  1. I always like to see bees and your photos are lovely. How do you get just bees on these little apartments? I first saw insect houses like these in France and I think they’re so interesting. I wouldn’t mind having one.

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    • I have two hotels. One is only for bees, and the other larger one for other insects too. As the season unfolds I think I may get other types of bees. Until now I have never had wasps or anything else Janet. I hope you manage to get one. It needs to be south-facing in the sun for maximum warmth.


  2. That’s amazing!
    Also, they’re already adorable to me. You’re making them even cuter by giving them voices.
    Wonderful photos, I feel like I can stretch a bit to pat them and pet them (in my world of beeautiful fantasy where they won’t sting me). : )

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  3. We have mason bees here in the yard but I have not thought to build hotels for them. We need more bees so I admire your hotels and obviously you also have plenty of the flowers they visit and pollinate to have a healthy population.

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