Mystery photo #1

What might this be? Any ideas?

I am starting a new series, called Mystery Photo. The idea is to show you a photograph and you take a few seconds to study it and think what it might be. Only then are you “allowed” to scroll down and discover the answer!

Let’s see if this little game works and you find it fun and interesting!

Here is the first one:

Mystery photo #1
Take 10 seconds to give it some thought.
Use your logic and intuition to see how close you can get to the right answer.
Or maybe you know what they are?

Any ideas?

I came across them this weekend and didn’t know what they were.

They are called “samaras”, which is the technical name given to these types of seeds. These samara belong to the Elm tree. They form after the flowers die, and are this colour only for a short while. They soon become dry, light structures that are carried away by the wind.

Dry Elm samara

Apparently the fresh, tender, green Elm samaras can be eaten! They can be eaten either raw or cooked, and can be used as an ingredient of salads.

If I had known that I would have collected a handful!

So, if you’re out walking this week, keep an eye open for fresh Elm samara – and maybe take a bag with you to collect some!


  1. I have not seen these in particular but we have samaras on maples which because of their shapes are sometimes called whirlybirds or copters because of their spinning as they fall. They are also edible.

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  2. They are similar to the seeds of Ailanthus altissima (“Tree of Heaven”). I see them in the garden and try to collect and dispose of them because I don’t want them coming up all over. It’s interesting that the elm samaras are edible when young; not something I would ever think of sampling.

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  3. I remember these from my school days in North India. We just called them “chilbil” and pulled out the dry parts and ate the seeds! I looked up now and found that there they were indeed Indian Elm seeds 😀.

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