NPC #9: Long-legged birds

It’s time to get out and about – or dig into your archives – and submit your photos of birds with long legs!

Are we already at Nature Photo Challenge #9? Doesn’t time fly? Talking of flying, birds – but only those with long legs – are the focus of NPC#9.

There are several groups of birds that are known for their long legs, including:

  • Wading birds: This group includes herons, egrets, ibises, spoonbills, storks, and cranes. These birds have long, thin legs that are perfect for wading through shallow water in search of food.
  • Shorebirds: This group includes godwits, greenshanks, redshanks, stilts, avocets, and oystercatchers. These birds have long, slender legs that help them walk and run on sandy beaches and mudflats.
  • Raptors: Some birds of prey, such as secretary birds, long-legged buzzards, savannah hawks and various eagles and falcons have long legs with sharp talons that they use to catch and kill their prey.
  • Running birds: This group includes ostriches, emus, and rheas. These birds have extremely long legs that enable them to run at high speeds across the ground.

Maybe you have come across other birds with long legs?

Here are the ones I have met close to my home in Belgium:

Great Egret #naturephotochallenge
The Great Egret (Ardea alba)
White stork #naturephotochallenge
White Stork (Ciconia ciconia)
Grey heron
Grey Heron (Ardea cinerea)
Grey heron meeting place
Heron meeting place – but let’s keep our distance!

I look forward to seeing your long-legged birds! If you haven’t participated before, here are the simple instructions.

While you’re posting your photos, why not add a link to I. J. Khanewala’s Bird of the Week challenge? That way, you kill two bird challenges with one stone!


  1. Oh hey! Why, I love this theme!! And oh my, absolutely love that reflective egret. And I’d never heard of a white stork. So much learning in the blogosphere. I’ll be back at some point with some of my favorite long-legged bird photos 👍 Yay!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Very interesting Pankaj, although I have to point out that the objective of the Nature Photo Challenge is to share your own photos and not other photographers.


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