1. There are a lot of bees out in our back yard. It turns out — little did I know — that the farms along the river (it runs about a mile behind our house) are bee keepers and their bees wander. Right now, they are enjoying the violets and dandelions. They tried to create a hive in one of our feeders last fall and I had to take the feeder inside. The bees were upset, but they can’t nest on our deck. We aren’t setup for bee keeping. Good thing they are very tame! I don’t remember what kind of bees they are, but they were originally European. I was expecting to get stung when I put my hand in the middle of this big surge of bees, but they just milled around. I hope they found their way back home. It’s less than a mile of flying to their home farms. I do love the fresh honey.

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    • I’m sure they picked up your friendly vibes Marilyn and so didn’t sting you. And yes, you can’t beat fresh honey. Used to love eating the honeycomb as a child too.


      • It turned out those “farm” bees are quite gentle. Also, I moved slowly. I didn’t want to frighten them — but I also knew they couldn’t be allowed to build a nest on our tiny deck. I almost considered taking up bee keeping, but the weather has been so unstable and so cold at night and the care the bees need is more than I feel ready to provide. Still, maybe climate warming might make bee keeping less strenuous if I know we aren’t going to get 10 feet of snow every winter.

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