Your Fascinating Fungi photos

A round-up of Nature Photo Challenge #8: Fascinating Fungi!

Nature Photo Challenge #8 was an opportunity that 19 bloggers took to scurry into the undergrowth of your local forest – or your hard drive – to find photos of mushrooms and toadstools.

  • Quick off the mark was Geriatri”X” with some puffballs and a Fly Agaric (no gnomes though!)
  • Aletta gave a great variety, some of which would look very appetizing in a mushroom omelette.
  • From the heart of Australia, Brian shared ten very different fungi in a multi-coloured slide show.
  • Rebecca shared some fungi she has come across on the trail, including some ancient shelf fungi.
  • Ruth showcased the biggest Parasol mushroom I have ever seen, and in perfect condition.
  • As always, Cee came up with the goods, in this case three very different varieties and colours.
  • Steve showed us a Hemlock Varnish Shelf Mushroom (no prizes for guessing why it’s so called), both from close-up and EXTREMELY close-up.
  • Cee obviously loves photo challenges as she submitted a second one: this time of a striking lichen (which is half fungus, half algae).
  • Have you ever scurried around on the forest floor on your knees? I.J. has, with great results!
  • From the UK to Costa Rica and even North Korea, Sarah knows her toadstools from her mushrooms.
  • Sofia went all romantic and soft-focus with her beautiful fungal close-up.
  • Down Middleton Road, Sonya found some interesting fungi, and a beautiful close-up of gills.
  • Philo gave us some great info on the uses of fungi (plus an interesting 3-minute video) and of course some fascinating fungi photos.
  • The prize for the cutest baby Fly Agarics went to Audrey (still no gnomes though).
  • Karen is obviously a big fungi fan, with an extensive gallery of small to large ones of various colours.
  • Margaret recalled collecting field mushrooms at dawn, for a breakfast feast, and shared her gallery of bracket fungi.
  • Someone who knows their fungi – and their names – is Deb.
  • Kathleen Jennette showed her commitment to the cause by visiting her local market and photographing edible mushrooms, and then some attractive “faux-ungi” in her local nursery.
  • Woolly also included some faux-stools, as well as some brightly colored fungi from tropical Cairns.

Many thanks to all of you who participated. It was great fun to check out your Fascinating Fungi.

How are you getting on with Nature Photo Challenge #9: Long-legged Birds?

A round-up of Nature Photo Challenge #8: Fascinating Fungi!
Oyster Mushrooms in a North Korean mushroom facility, photographed by Sarah who blogs at Travel With Me.


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