Dawn (frog) chorus

The temperature has risen, which means that the frogs have started singing in my local lake

Well, singing might be a slight exaggeration, but the local marsh frogs are certainly in good voice. Here’s a recording of the Belgian Frog Choir:

Best experienced with volume control up to its max!

The croaking of frogs is primarily a mating call used by male frogs to attract females. The calls are produced by males in a chorus, with each species having a unique call, allowing them to identify potential mates of their own species.

The croaking sound is produced by the male frog’s vocal sac, which inflates and deflates rapidly to create the characteristic sound. The vocal sac is essentially a flexible membrane that is located in the frog’s throat. When air is pushed from the lungs through the vocal cords, the vocal sac inflates and acts as a resonating chamber, amplifying the sound produced by the vocal cords.

As the weather warms up in the spring, the frogs begin to call out to attract mates. I can hear these frogs up to a kilometer away. The males will continue to call until they have successfully attracted a mate.

In addition to mating, some species of frogs also use their calls to establish territory and ward off other males. This can help to prevent competition for mates and ensure that only the strongest males are able to mate and pass on their genes.


    • Thanks Derrick. Yes as I was videoing them I was thinking I wouldn’t care for them in my back garden. Not in such numbers anyway, there must be 100s in the lake.

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  1. That is a great recording. Pity it is going on Winter and my frogs are quiet. Playing that would have a bit of confusion among the locals.
    In Australia we have a project run by the Australian Museum where they developed an app where people can record frogs in their area, it gets relayed to the Museum. After a few weeks I get an email that tells me what frogs I have recorded on my place and this information is in a data base of what frogs are where and when.

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  2. It’s funny that I too heard this frog orchestra yesterday at a fountain! I was taking photos of that place and was startled when they suddenly began the program 😂

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