Nature Photo Challenge #11: Yellow

It’s time to paint the Internet Yellow.

Back in March, our third Nature Photo Challenge was Pink. It really captured your imagination because 26 bloggers submitted photos – the record so far for an NPC.

So as we enter May I thought we’d return to a color, and look for photos that contain a very May-like color (at least in the northern hemisphere): Yellow. The Color of Spring.

Incidentally, have you ever wondered why are a lot of Spring wild flowers yellow? Of course you have! And you probably know the answer already. But if you don’t …

Yellow is the color of many Spring wild flowers: Daffodils, aconites, primroses, cowslips, oxlips, celandines, marsh marigolds … And those that aren’t yellow are frequently white.

Spring wild flowers are often yellow or white for several reasons. The main reason is that yellow and white are more visible to pollinators, such as bees, butterflies, and moths, which are important for the plants’ reproduction. Yellow and white flowers are simply easier for these pollinators to see against the green foliage and brown soil of spring.

Anyway, I look forward to your yellow photographs – and while flowers are the obvious choice, hopefully we will see some yellow butterflies, yellow birds, yellow sunsets/sunrises, maybe even yellow animals, but no yellow submarines!

Here are a few that I have found:

Yellow Cosmos
Yellow Cosmos gets a visitor
Nature Photo Challenge #11 is Yellow
“A Feast of Yellow”
Yellow flower, unknown
Anyone know what this is?
Yellow Iris
A perfect place to sit
Brimstone butterfly
Brimstone butterfly

If you are new to the Nature Photo Challenge, you can find some info here.


    • Oh these are beautiful images Suzanne, and thanks for reminding me that May in New Zealand is associated with the yellows of Autumn. Thanks for participating.


    • Thanks Jude. It was in Leuven Botanical Gardens, and I have a terrible habit of photographing plants and forgetting to photograph the name tag too.


    • Thanks Sonya for adding your very yellow Gorse, which perhaps is not as appreciated everywhere in New Zealand, being an invasive species.


  1. I do love a colour challenge and this sunny one is perfect for spring! You have a great selection for us, and that first photo is especially excellent! I can promise no yellow submarines in my post but I can offer you flowers, birds, insects and even a reptile and an amphibian 😀

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  2. Oh! I’m sure I can find all kinds of yellow! Spring has finally arrived here in the frozen tundra and I just came in from trying to get a good photo of my grape hyacinths that are blooming and look lovely. Btw, I saw my first great blue heron yesterday, whee!! Okay, back later with my entry 👍

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    • Super Aletta, thanks for sharing some yellows from the southern hemisphere. Some of your local wild flowers seem similar, but different.


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