Nature Photo Challenge #12: Trees

For our next Nature Photo Challenge we are giving some love to our dear old friends the trees.

Trees have long captivated the human imagination with their aura of magic and mystery. They are symbols of strength, wisdom, and resilience. Their presence has been revered and celebrated across countless cultures and mythologies throughout history. Here’s a few thoughts on the enchanting world of trees and the magic and mystery they hold – interspersed with my own submissions to this challenge.

Ancient Guardians: Trees are the ancient sentinels of the Earth, standing tall and rooted in the soil for hundreds, if not thousands, of years. In many cultures, they are believed to possess a profound wisdom, as if they hold the memories of the land and the secrets of the universe within their rings. They have witnessed the passing of generations and become witnesses to history.


Tree Spirits and Deities: Folklore and mythology often depict trees as the dwelling places of spirits and deities. From dryads in Greek mythology, who were nymphs inhabiting trees, to the World Tree Yggdrasil in Norse mythology, which connected the different realms of existence, trees have been seen as gateways to other realms and embodiments of divine energy.

Nature Photo Challenge #12

Sacred Groves: Many ancient civilizations revered certain trees or groves as sacred spaces. These sacred groves were considered sanctuaries, where people could commune with the spiritual realm or find solace in nature. Druids, for example, conduct rituals in sacred groves, and believe that the trees possessed magical properties and served as conduits to the divine. (I love listening to and meditating with Philip Carr-Gomm on Tea With A Druid).

Sacred groves

Healing and Herbalism: Trees have played a vital role in traditional healing practices and herbalism. Various parts of trees, such as barks, leaves, fruits, and resins, have been used to create remedies for physical ailments and promote overall well-being. The knowledge of these medicinal properties has been passed down through generations, deepening the bond between humans and trees.

Tree Communication

Tree Communication: Recent scientific discoveries have shed light on the interconnectedness and communication between trees. Through a vast network of underground fungi called mycorrhizal networks, trees can exchange nutrients, water, and even chemical signals. This intricate web of communication allows trees to support each other, share resources, and warn one another of potential threats, showcasing a hidden level of intelligence.

Nature Photo Challenge #12

Symbolism and Energy: Trees have rich symbolic meanings in various cultures. They are often associated with growth, fertility, and renewal due to their ability to shed leaves in winter and blossom again in spring. Trees also represent grounding and stability, as they are firmly rooted in the earth while reaching towards the sky. Their energy is believed to provide strength, inspiration, and a deep sense of connection to nature.

Trees as oracles

Divination and Oracles: In some traditions, certain trees were believed to possess prophetic powers or act as oracles. Ancient seers and diviners sought guidance by observing the movement of leaves, interpreting the rustling of branches, or deciphering patterns in the bark. Trees were seen as wise counselors, capable of revealing hidden truths and guiding individuals on their spiritual journeys.

Tree rituals and celebrations

Tree Rituals and Celebrations: Throughout history, humans have celebrated trees through various rituals and festivals. One such example is the ancient Celtic festival of Beltane, which marks the beginning of summer and involves dancing around maypoles adorned with ribbons and flowers. These celebrations honored the life-giving energy of trees and expressed gratitude for their abundance.

Trees Nature photo challenge #12

In summary, trees embody a profound sense of wonder and mystery, reminding us of the interconnectedness of all life on Earth. They offer solace, inspiration, and a glimpse into the hidden realms of the natural world. So, the next time you encounter a tree, take a moment to appreciate its magic and allow its silent wisdom to speak to your soul.

So let’s share our favorite photographs of trees. I’m not thinking of specific parts of trees, such as their leaves, bark, flowers, seeds, nuts, roots etc. We can focus on these in later nature photo challenges. I am thinking of trees as a whole: photos that show them in all their glory and splendor – from all parts of the world.


  1. Oh my, such great information! And stuff I never knew or thought about. But…..trees. My first thought was the tree we lost in our final winter storm on 3/31. We’re still in mourning and I think about it every day still so I’m thinking this is the perfect place to pay homage to my crabapple tree. Not to worry though because I have a treasure trove (not grove, heh) of tree photos to flesh out a post. Good theme!

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  2. Beautiful and Peaceful! I love walking along these kind of paths..There is a small forest near my office where I definitely go in autumn and sometimes in Spring when the bärlauch (wild garlic) is growing like crazy! Oh dear, now I think I need to get out😀
    My entry here:

    Glorious Trees

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  3. I expect to see lots of gorgeous photos for this challenge. I won’t be able to contribute this time because my next post is about sea days out on the ocean, where there were no trees. But I have enjoyed seeing all your beautiful images.

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  4. Your photos of parklands and these tall trees are extremely beautiful. I love this kind of tamed nature, so human and walkable. Unlike jungles, which are too full of wild undergrowth and unpleasant life to be welcoming to us. I found your pairing of these photos with Celtic mysticism very interesting. One does wonder what Europe might have been if the Romans had not won.

    Since I missed the midweek spot, I am recycling a single tree done five ways:

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      • It is really lovely right now. The leaves are that golden green that will be gone by June when it will all be that darker, summer green. I was trying to catch the light. I’m not sure I got exactly what I wanted but it is surprisingly difficult to shoot IN a woods. There’s not central image on which to hang the picture. Before we had to take down our four closet tree — all sick with boring beetles — I used them as “frames” for the rest of the woods. Without them, it’s more complicated. But I will keep trying to catch that light!

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