Mystery Photo #3

Another test of your nature knowledge: or just a fun way to expand it.

As with Mystery Photo #1 and Mystery Photo #2, the idea is to look at a photograph for a few seconds and see if you can think what it might be. Only then are you “allowed” to scroll down and discover the answer!

So let’s try with this little fellow below. Any idea what it is?

Mystery photo #3

I didn’t know what it was when I saw it in my garden last summer.

My first thought – and maybe yours? – was that it’s a WASP.

No – it’s not a wasp.

Well maybe a BEE?

No, it’s not a bee either.

Mmm, what else could it be?


No. It’s not a hornet.

A clue: look at the antennae, and its proboscis. Does it remind you of anything?

Yes, it’s a MOTH!

The Dusky Clearwing moth, to be precise (Paranthrene tabaniformis). You were right to think it could have been a wasp or a bee. The Dusky Clearwing actually mimics a wasp or a bee, not only in its appearance but also its behavior (it feeds on flowers). This makes it less vulnerable to predation!

So our mystery photo is a clever moth!


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