Green Cabbage Bug

The Green Cabbage Bug (Eurydema oleracea) is also known as the Brassica Shield Bug. So you immediately know what kind of plants you can find it on.

Green Cabbage Bug
Green Cabbage Bug (actual length 6 mm / .25 inch)

It overwinters as an adult, emerging in the spring. It then lays its eggs on a range of host plants in the Brassicaceae family. In small numbers it’s not a problem, but farmers don’t want to see them in large numbers.

I was happy to find this one in my garden. The great tits and blue tits are nesting nearby and are scavenging the bushes for bugs, so I think this specimen may not last long!


    • Yes, maybe he’s gone already. We have a pair of great tits and a pair of blue tits nesting nearby … looking for insects in our borders.


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