Your Yellow photos

A roundup of Nature Photo Challenge #11

The blogging community like their colours! This is the second time we have had a colour as the challenge, and these challenges have attracted the most submissions among all the challenges so far. Pink got 26 and Yellow got 25. Maybe next time we have a colour as photo challenge I need to make it more challenging, like amaranth, coquelicot or smaragdine! (Perhaps not!)

  • Brian got us off to a great start with yellow fungi, flowers, a butterfly, and even a yellow bird on a yellow flower.
  • Suzanne reminded us that in the southern hemisphere it’s Autumn, with some beautiful mellow yellow images from New Zealand.
  • Derrick entered the fray with his local Gorse and Kingcups shining brightly in the sunshine.
  • Talking of bright, that’s definitely what Geriatri”X” had in mind.
  • Dawn shared a wonderful gallery of yellows, including our first Forsythia and some stunning fields of Mustard and Sunflowers.
  • A first for Nature Photo Challenge: an iconic Bollywood song in the middle of a bright yellow field of mustard! Ten out of ten for creativity PR!
  • Yellow makes Maria happy, she comments. Her photos certainly made me happy.
  • From Canada Audrey shared her yellow garden flowers and some beautiful American Goldfinches.
  • In New Zealand, Sonya‘s Gorse is looking good, although as an invasive species perhaps not everyone is so pleased to see it.
  • Staying in the southern hemisphere, Carol shared a beautiful and very yellow sunset.
  • From Camera Roll we had a Golden Bougainvillea.
  • Hammad Rais shared a yellow Dahlia and a yellow Daisy.
  • Variety is, I think, Sarah‘s middle name, with yellow flowers, birds, insects, a reptile and an amphibian!
  • Toby too had difficulties limiting her selection, but we don’t mind. Thanks for your goldenrod, day lily, arugula blossoms, cucumber blossom, yellow primrose, coreopsis, orchid, and more.
  • A reminder from Cee that the autumn/fall season has a lot of beautiful yellows in it too.
  • Kathleen Jennette went out into her local desert especially to photograph yellow desert roses. That’s commitment for you!
  • The RA Adventurer shot some of the beautiful yellow wild flowers in Oregon.
  • More yellow flowers from Sofia, despite yellow not being her fave colour.
  • Babsje submitted a white Egret. White? Not yellow? No, totally white … except for its bright yellow bill!
  • I never knew that Acacias could be so yellow, but Woolly did.
  • If you’re feeling somewhat grey, there’s one place that will definitely bring some colour to your day and cheer you up: Robert and his 25 yellow flowers of Spring.
  • For some beautiful sunflowers, including one with petals that look like silky textiles, check out this post from Deb.
  • Margaret shared her top ten yellow spring flowers in a gallery that makes one want to go back to the start and look at them again.
  • Aletta took us down to South Africa for a peek at some floral and avian yellow beauties. Particularly like your yellow-eyed sorrel and bokmakierie!
  • Finally, Philo shared a photo and a message: “A yellow flower is a symbol of friendship, love, and happiness.” I can’t agree more!

So thank you everyone who contributed. I hope I haven’t missed someone. Rap my knuckles if I have and send me the link.

A roundup of Nature Photo Challenge #11
For a great variety of interesting photos, visit Robert’s Snap Shot

How are you getting on with Nature Photo Challenge #12: Trees?


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