Hi, I’m Denzil I’ve been passionate about all aspects of nature since I was eight years old. It started with identifying the birds in our garden and then gradually expanded to encompass many other nature interests and activities. These include being a temporary nature reserve warden on a deserted island, rearing butterflies in my bedroom, and collecting and dissecting owl pellets. My latest interest is macro nature photography.

Born and educated in the UK, I have lived in Belgium since 1987 and now have Belgian citizenship. I am a freelance technical copywriter and conference reporter. I live with Liz, my wife of 38 years, in the center of Belgium between Brussels and Leuven.

Unless otherwise indicated, all photos on this blog are my own work.

Thanks for visiting my blog. I always appreciate and enjoy your comments.

My other blog

Since 2011 I have run the Discovering Belgium blog, which recently received its one millionth visitor. It covers country walks, city trips, parks & gardens, history, remarkable Belgians, and has a number of Belgium-related quizzes such as chocolate quiz or beer quiz! It also has a section called On This Day in Belgium, which highlights key events since the country was established in 1830.

If you live in Belgium, are visiting Belgium, or are just interested in Belgium, feel free to check out Discovering Belgium!

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